Lawyers in Tenerife

Advocacy is an independent profession that ensures the fundamental right of being assisted and defended by an attorney. It has been created as a guarantee of the rights and freedoms of the people.

As lawyers we must always watch over and protect the interests of the clients we defend, obeying the principles of the democratic and social state established by the Constitution and our Lawyers' Code of Ethics.

This list of legal domains represents some of the areas of law that we work in. If the legal field you seek is not listed here, please contact our attorneys in Tenerife so that they can provide you with prompt and accurate legal advice.

Legal Areas

Legal Tenerife is active in many legal areas and our lawyers attend clients with their particular requirements in most legal areas. Among the most prominent are:

  • - Civil law
  • - Criminal law
  • - Administrative law
  • - Family law
  • - Immigration law